Learn From Your Idols!



1st Batch

Voice Art MasterCourse: Voice Art & Beyond

Sharmin Lucky, Abdun Noor Tushar, Khaled Muhiuddin... teach voice art

4th Batch

Video Editing MasterCourse: Beginner to Advanced

Jubaer Talukder teaches video editing

2nd Batch

3D Modeling & Animation MasterCourse

Enigmatter teaches 3D Modeling and Animation


Upcoming Courses

Coming Soon

Cartoon MasterCourse

Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy, Morshed Mishu, Anik Khan and many others teach cartoon, comics and more!


Learn From Idols

All the courses are instructed by the country's bests in each field. Thus you get the opportunity to learn directly from your idols in your field.

In-depth Learning

The courses are comprehensive enough to take you from beginner level to advanced.

Learn with Fun

Abundant gamifications have been included to make learning fun and enjoyable!

Get hired

We offer jobs and internships in our own company to the best performers of our courses. Also, we recommend CVs of the students who complete the course sincerely in other companies. You'll get idea of working in freelance marketplaces. So, there's a big chance of getting hired!


MasterCourse is an e-learning platform where people get to master skills directly from their idols.

All the courses in MasterCourse are instructed by the country's best minds in each field.

Our courses are quite versatile. Soon we'll launch courses on filmmaking, music, acting, sports, programming, design, cooking, literature and many more!



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