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3 Months

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Jubaer Talukder will teach video editing. In this course, the most popular editing software around the world, Adobe Premiere Pro, will be taught in detail.

The course will be conducted batch-wise. There will be a registration period before a batch starts. Those who enroll during the registration period, will be able to join in the batch. There will be no option of new enrollment after the registration period or during a batch. Registration of the next batch will start after the previous batch is finished.

The purpose of this course is not just selling video lectures. Rather, the mission is to provide a learning environment where you'll learn most effectively.

So, join this course if you want to be a pro in video editing and produce works like Jubaer Talukder's!

Jubaer Talukder is quite a popular name in filmmaking in Bangladesh. His innovative and catchy films and commercials has made him a Youtube sensation with around 150k subscribers in his Youtube Channel.

After graduating from BUET, currently he is pursuing his passion in filmmaking as a professional full-time filmmaker.

Apart from being a freelance filmmaker, Youtuber and engineer, he is the Founder of Lumiere Studios and a photographer in Chitrogolpo.

One big reason that people love him is that he makes filmmaking and editing so easy to understand through his tutorials.

If you want to learn from Jubaer Talukder more elaborately, this is the course for you!

There are total 16 pre-recorded classes with combined duration of 12+ hrs.

Besides pre-recorded videos, there will be 4 live sessions each 2+ hrs long. In these live sessions, Jubaer Talukder will try to clear all the confusions and solve all your problems regarding video editing.

On top of that there will be abundant quizzes, assignments, class notes, reading materials, watch parties etc.

To ensure practical learning, there will be total 8 assignments. Each of your assignments will be checked manually and marks & personalized feedback will be given.

Since the course has pre-recorded videos, naturally confusions, questions or problems may arise in your mind while watching the videos. To solve your problems instantly, there will be 24/7 Q&A support and live meet/zoom sessions. You’ll get extreme support from our end!

One of the biggest attractions of this course is the job opportunities.

Those who complete the first 8 weeks of the course sincerely, submit the assignments on time and perform well in the quizzes and assignments, will be invited to join the the internship. They’ll get intense training there. 

And after the completion of each batch, MasterCourse will offer jobs and internships to the best performers of the batch in our own company! Also, we’ll recommend CVs of the students who complete the course sincerely in other companies. You’ll get idea of online freelance marketplaces. So, there is a huge scope of turning your passion into your profession!


Registration Starts

21 November

Course Contents

Video Editing

    a. Introduction to editing

    b. Why do you need it?
    c. Prospect in Bangladesh
    d. Editors vs Colorists vs Sound Engineers
    e. Do I need to study filmmaking to be an editor?
    f. Available softwares
    g. Pc spes for editing
    h. Importance of being organized
    i. What to expect from this course

    a. The basic interface of Adobe Premiere Pro.
    b. Creating a Project
    c. Creating a Sequence
    d. Importing files
    e. Organizing bins
    f. Previewing Clips
    g. Timecode
    h. Putting clips into the timeline
    i. NTSC and PAL
    h. Linking Audio with video
    I. Playback resolution
    j. Safety margin
    k. Timeline features

    a. Putting clips in a sequence
    b. Cuts & Trim
    c. Transitions
    d. Effect controls
    e. Layers
    f. Multiple video layers
    g. Putting a logo
    h. Split screen
    i. Screenshot on PP

    a. Understanding FPS
    b. Mixing different FPS footage
    c. Warp stabilizer
    d. Clip speed
    e. Nesting
    f. Title
    g. Masking

Live Session with Jubaer Talukder

    a. Putting music into sequence

    b. Volume control
    c. Audio layers
    d. Syncing visuals with music
    e. Basic sound designing
    f. Green screen

    a. Color interface of PP
    b. Color correction
    c. Color grading

Live Session with Jubaer Talukder

    a. Using everything to create a sequence
    b. Export settings

  a. Where to look for editing gigs?
  b. What to expect?
  c. Handling clients 

  d. Communicating with the DOP
  e. What to charge?
  f. My advice

Live Session with Jubaer Talukder

Some of the tutorials by Jubaer Talukder


This course is for anyone who wants to pursue video editing as a professional career or as a hobby.

Yes you should. This course is designed for everyone from having little to no knowledge to intermediate and experts of video editing. If you want to invest on your skills and have interest in video editing and filmmaking, this course is for you!

The instructor will mainly cover Adobe Premiere Pro. Currently, it's the most popular video editing software in the world. However, the basics of video editing are more or less the same for all the editing software. So you can easily switch to your other preferred software afterwards.

In the course, MasterCourse will give you necessary guidelines regarding it. So, don't worry about that!

After enrolling in the course, you will have access to the contents when the batch starts.

The whole course lecture will not be uploaded at once. Rather it will be released module by module so that you can finish the course in a routined manner.

Apart from the pre-recorded video lecture, there will be live sessions, quizzes, assignments, reading materials, class notes etc. You will avail everything on time.

Absolutely. There will be immense support from our end!

You will be added to a dedicated Facebook group. In that group, you can ask any questions about the course contents and clear out any confusion. A team will support you 24/7.

Moreover the instructor will take a live session in every two weeks. The session will be held on either google meet/zoom platforms. In those sessions you can clear out any questions.

Besides that, frequent zoom/meet sessions will be held with the support team to solve any confusions.

The course will be 3 month long.

The first 8 weeks will be about the topics of video editing instructed by Jubaer Talukdar. The next 2 weeks we will be teaching about freelance marketplace.

And the last 2 weeks will be a special boot camp for everyone who has completed the whole course. The bootcamp will have special surprises as well. So stay tuned for that.

Well, we want to provide you one of a kind learning experience in this course! To ensure that, the course instructor, Jubaer Talukder will give his maximum effort. Furthermore, to assist him and to run this course smoothly, a team of 25-30 people will be working so hard during the batch. Thus, to make the system sustainable, there’s a course fee. Hope you take positively. We promise if you complete the course sincerely, you’ll get more value returned from the course than what you pay as the course fee!

No worries. You can contact us through our facebook page or send us emails. We will try to give a solution within 24 hours.

Yes, people living outside Bangladesh can join.

You can send us an email( or contact us through our Facebook page. Besides, you will be in a Facebook group with all your fellow course mates. There you can ask us any questions. So you have three options: email, facebook page or group!

Payment Procedure

For any query call us at 01953555943

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