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Dokkho Data Science Career Program

Build your career in one of the most in-demand field in the market - Data Science. Land at your dream job and pay us only after you start earning!


Program length:
1 year

Job Placement

Zero Upfront Fee
with ISA

Program Details

⚡ How it Works

1. 4 months of rigorous training on the fundamentals of Data Science.

2. After 4 months, we help you place in Jobs both locally and globally through our placement channels and as well as in other companies.

3. We continuously groom for 1 year even after getting the job so that you can maximise your salary in this period.

💳 Program Fee

The program fee is 1,00,000 BDT. But you do not have to pay until you get a job. Through our Income Sharing Agreement, you will get access to the program, get trained, and have a better go at placing Data Science related jobs. When you get placed, you start to pay us 15% from your monthly income until the full fee is paid.

📚 Program Curriculum

This program covers most of the major topics in data science. For detailed curriculum check ou the link below.

Full curriculum: Dokkho Data Science Program Curriculum

👨‍🏫 Instructor

Mohammad Sabik Irbaz – Data Scientist | Leadbook – https://www.leadbook.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabik-irbaz/ 

After graduating from the Islamic University of Technology, Mohammad Sabik Irbaz pursued his passion for Data Science and joined a local startup. With experience gathered and skills sharpened, he landed on Singapore Startup Leadbook working with Data as a Data Scientist and has been working there for more than 2 years.

💻 Program Contents

16 weeks of pre-recorded videos and live sessions, 3 Projects including one final Capstone Project.

🚀 Job Placement

MasterCourse offers placement channels in local as well as global startups in Data Science related positions. The students of the program get direct access to applying to these positions after their training is complete. 



You do not have to pay us anything. But for the 1 year of the program, MasterCourse will help you to place in positions related to the program, i.e Data Science.

MasterCourse aims to place you in jobs related to the program within 1 year. But if you can not get placed, you do not have to pay us anything.

There will be multiple stages of penalty if you want to drop out of the program. For example, if you drop out within 2 weeks, there will not be any penalties. But as the program progresses, there will be penalties of a certain percentage of the program fee.

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