3D Animation MasterCourse

Stylized 3D Modeling & Animation

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3 Months



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This course is all about the core idea about animation and injecting anyone who is willing to explore the majestic world of animation.

Just like a full stack developer or all-rounder cricketer, animation comes with different areas to choose from and this course concerns all the aspects of animation, making anyone to approach the path to becoming an all-rounder animator, who will eventually know everything about modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, etcetera!

The minds behind the Enigmatter studio will guide you in this journey.

MasterCourse collaborates with Enigmatter studio to bring this 3D animation MasterCourse.

There are total 18 pre-recorded classes with a combined duration of 13.5+ hrs.

Besides pre-recorded videos, there will be 6 live sessions each 1.5+ hrs long. In these live sessions, instructor will try to clear all the confusions and solve all your problems regarding video editing.

On top of that there will be abundant quizzes, assignments etc.

To ensure practical learning, there will be total 8 assignments. Each of your assignments will be checked manually and marks & personalized feedback will be given.

Since the course has pre-recorded videos, naturally confusions, questions or problems may arise in your mind while watching the videos. To solve your problems instantly, there will be 24/7 Q&A support and live meet/zoom sessions. You’ll get extreme support from our end!


Registration Starts

21 November

Course Contents

Ice breaking and Introduction
Do I need to able to draw well to become a good 3D artist?
Understanding and decoding styles
Types of animation
Setting up goals and priorities
Animators’ duty and IKIGAI
Prospects and market
Understanding Industry and pipeline workflow
PC specs
Course outline
Introduction to the software

Finding inspiration (O>I>I (Observe, Interpret, Intervene))
Story and storyboarding
Setting up resources for a project
Understanding the interface of the software
Brief understanding about modeling, sculpting, texturing, simulation,
greasepencil, rendering and compositing
Brief understanding about modifiers, nodes, UV mapping, bones and rigging,
addons, particles and hair and keyframing

Creating and Editing Objects
Hard Surface Modeling
Organic Modeling
Simple Object Animation
Weekly short project 01 (No need to understand. “Just do it!”- Shia LaBeouf)

Shading and texturing
Procedural texturing
Texture animation
Texture Painting
Weekly short project 02 (No need to understand. “Just do it!”- Shia LaBeouf)

Nodes and Modifiers
Geometry Nodes
Node based animation
Weekly short project 03 (No need to understand. “Just do it!”- Shia LaBeouf)

Sculpting and Morphing
Shape key animation
Dynamic Painting and Weight Painting
Weekly short project 04 (No need to understand. “Just do it!”- Shia LaBeouf)

Keyframing and animation
Bones, Rigging and pose animation
Shape key combo with softbody animation
Weekly project 01 (Do yourself)

Simulation Physics
Fluid, Hair and particles
Weekly project 02 (Do yourself)

Composition and perspective
Scene plan and setup
Realtime vs raytracing vs pathtracing difference
What’s your goal
Rendering setup and style
Maintaining efficiency with low budget setup
Weekly project 03 (Do yourself)

Video sequence editor
Post processing
Weekly project 04 (Do yourself)

Stylization (Little bit of other software)
Greasepencil Tool
Smart implementation
Final Project 01

Creating Portfolio
Finding market
What to expect?
Handling clients
Communicating with the DOP
My advice
Final Project 02


This course is for anyone who wants to pursue 3D animation as a professional career or as a hobby.

Yes you should. This course is designed for everyone from having little to no knowledge to intermediate and experts of 3D animation. If you want to invest on your skills and have interest in animation and 3D modeling, this course is for you!

Blender will be used in this course. It's the most popular 3D animation software. Also, it's free to use!

In the course, MasterCourse will give you the software and the necessary guidelines regarding it. So, don't worry about that!

After enrolling in the course, you will have access to the contents when the batch starts.

The whole course lecture will not be uploaded at once. Rather it will be released module by module so that you can finish the course in a routined manner.

Apart from the pre-recorded video lecture, there will be live sessions, quizzes, assignments, etc. You will avail everything on time.

Absolutely. There will be immense support from our end!

You will be added to a dedicated Facebook group. In that group, you can ask any questions about the course contents and clear out any confusion. A team will support you 24/7.

Moreover the instructor will take a live session in every two weeks. The session will be held on either google meet/zoom platforms. In those sessions you can clear out any questions.

Besides that, frequent zoom/meet sessions will be held with the support team to solve any confusions.

The course will be 3 month long.

No worries. You can send us message on facebook page or send us email email at info@mastercourse.site. We will try to give a solution within 24 hours.

Also, you can call us at 01953555943!

Yes, people living outside Bangladesh can join.

You can send us an email(info@mastercourse.site) or contact us through our Facebook page. Besides, you will be in a Facebook group with all your fellow course mates. There you can ask us any questions. So you have three options: email, facebook page or group!

Payment Procedure

For any query call us at 01953555943

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