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3 Months



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Sharmin Lucky, Abdun Noor Tushar, Khaled Muhiuddin, Maria Nur, RJ Apu, Biplob Bala and many others will teach voice art. All the fields of voice art e.g. voice over, voice acting, hosting, anchoring, presentation, recitation, pronunciation, storytelling will be covered under the umbrella of this single course.

The course will be conducted batch-wise. There will be a registration period before a batch starts. Those who enroll during the registration period, will be able to join in the batch. There will be no option of new enrollment after the registration period or during a batch. Registration of the next batch will start after the previous batch is finished.

Just selling video lectures is not the purpose of this course. Rather, the mission is to provide a learning environment where you'll learn most effectively.

So, join this course if you want to take your voice to the next level!

Total 8 instructors will guide you in this journey: Sharmin Lucky, Abdun Noor Tushar, Khaled Muhiuddin, Dr. Biplob Blala, Maria Nur, RJ Apu, Tamanna Tithi, Tapas Howlader.

Sharming Lucky will teach voice over, voice acting, hosting, recitation (Abritti).

Abdun Noor Tushar will teach entertainment and variety show hosting.

Khaled Muhiuddin will teach hosting in socio-political talk show.

Maria Nur will teach hosting in sports & entertainment show.

Dr. Biplob Bala will teach pronunciation.

Tamanna tithi will teach storytelling.

Tapas Howlader will teach recitation (abritti).

There will be total 19 hours of live session and 9 hours of recorded classes.

Every instructor of this course will appear in live where you can directly ask questions and get instant answers.

On top of that there will be abundant quizzes, assignments, class notes, reading materials, etc.

To ensure practical learning, there will be assignments. Each of your assignments will be checked manually and marks & personalized feedback will be given.

Since the course has pre-recorded videos, naturally confusions, questions or problems may arise in your mind while watching the videos. To solve your problems instantly, there will be 24/7 Q&A support and live meet/zoom sessions. You’ll get extreme support from our end!


Registration Starts

1 July

Course Contents

Voice Art

Hosting instructed by Sharmin Lucky

  • Introduction
  • Why Voice Art?
  • What to expect from this course? 
  • Experience of Sharmin Lucky
  • What is Hosting? 
  • Importance of a presenter/ host
  • What are the most important qualities that a presenter/host should have
  • Difference between Hosting/Presenting a scripted vs non-scripted program
  • How to handle unwanted situations/mistakes as a host
  • Interacting with the audience
  • Choosing a language
  • Things to keep in mind while choosing a language
  • Avoiding the mixture of languages
  • Importance of loving your mother tongue
  • Importance of gesture and posture
  • How to get rid of nervousness
  • Importance of professionalism
  • Choosing your suitable type of programs
  • How to get rid of the fear of standing on a stage
  • The importance of exploring various branches of literature/art as a host
  • Listen to your words

A. Exercise of the organs that make sound by Dr. Biplob Bala

  • Importance of sound & pronunciation
  • How sound is created
  • Tongue Exercises
  • Lip Exercises
  • Jaw Exercises
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Exercising sentences 
  • Nose exercises
  • Understanding good punctuation
  • Importance of rhymes in punctuation

B. Socio-political talk show hosting by Khaled Muhiuddin

Voice Over by Sharmin Lucky

  • Voice over Career of SL
  • Voice over prospects in BD
  • Voice over techniques
  • Common mistakes as a voice over artist
  • Where to start?
  • What to practice?
  • Choosing your perfect sector as a voice over artist
  • Handling frustration because of rejection
  • Every type of voice has its place
  • The future of a voice over artist

Story Telling by Tamanna Tithi

  • Journey of Tamanna Tithi as a storyteller
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • How you can attract the attention of the listener
  • Preparing your voice
  • Give life to the character through your voice
  • Why voice acting is very important for storytelling
  • The importance of getting into the shoes of the character
  • Difference between telling different types of stories
  • Podcast and Audiobooks need storytellers
  • What to practice?

Punctuation by Dr. Biplob Bala

  • How to prepare yourself 
  • Perfecting punctuation for every alphabets
  • Uniqueness of a language 
  • Understanding Syllables
  • Perfecting punctuation for every syllables
  • Understanding rhythm
  • Understanding the emotion of the words
  • Avoiding the common mistakes of punctuation
  • Punctuation of compound letters
  • Punctuation of foreign words of Bengali Language

Recitation/Abritti by Sharmin Lucky

  • Recitation career of Sharmin Lucky 
  • How recitation and hosting are interrelated
  • Choosing a poem
  • Importance of memorizing a poem
  • Importance of attempting every kind of poems
  • How to approach two different kind of poems
  • How to practice everyday?
  • Who to listen for practicing according to Sharmin Lucky

Recitation/Abritti by Tapas Howlader

  • Career of Taposh Hawlader
  • Importance of recitation as a voice artist
  • How recitation can help you to outperform everyone else
  • Modulation of voice
  • Understanding the emotion of the poem
  • Tips & tricks

Hosting by Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar

  • What does a host do?
  • The responsibility of a host in different types of programs
  • Can everyone become a host?
  • Why is hosting difficult?
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Understanding different aspects of hosting
  • Difference between a “Good Host” and a “Mediocre Host”
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Importance of exploring
  • Maintaining eye contact with the audience
  • Understanding look and camera axis
  • Multilingual Programs
  • Some valuable advices

Voice art in Radio by RJ Apu

A. Exercises and career guidelines by Sharmin Lucky

B. Sports and entertainment show Hosting by Maria Nur

What our instructors say about this course


This course is for anyone who wants to pursue voice art e.g. hosting, voice over, voice acting, Abritti, RJ-ing, storytelling etc. as a professional career or as a hobby. Furthermore, if someone wants to learn to talk attractively or develop their communication skills and pronunciation, this course is for them!

Yes you should. This course is designed for everyone from having little to no knowledge to intermediate and experts of voice art. If you want to invest on your skills and have interest in voice art, this course is for you!

After enrolling in the course, you will have access to the contents when the batch starts.

The whole course lecture will not be uploaded at once. Rather, it will be released module by module so that you can finish the course in a routined manner.

Apart from the pre-recorded video lecture, there will be live sessions, quizzes, assignments, reading materials, class notes etc. You will avail everything on time.

Absolutely. There will be immense support from our end!

You will be added to a dedicated Facebook group. In that group, you can ask any questions about the course contents and clear out any confusion. A team will support you 24/7.

Moreover all the instructors will take live sessions. The sessions will be held on either google meet/zoom platforms. In those sessions you can clear out any questions.

The course will be 3 month long.

First 10 weeks will be about the different topics on voice art instructed by all the instructors mentioned above.

And the last 2 weeks will be a special boot camp for those who completes the whole course successfully.

Those who complete the first 10 weeks of the course sincerely, submit the assignments on time and perform well in the quizzes and assignments, will be considered eligible for boot camp. Intense training will be given for 2 weeks. 

Well, we want to provide you one of a kind learning experience in this course! To ensure that, all the course instructors will give his maximum effort. Furthermore, to assist them and to run this course smoothly, a team of 25-30 people will be working so hard during the batch. Thus, to make the system sustainable, there’s a course fee. Hope you take positively. We promise if you complete the course sincerely, you’ll get more value returned from the course than what you pay as the course fee!

No worries. You can contact us through our facebook page or send us emails. We will try to give a solution within 24 hours.

Yes, people living outside Bangladesh can join.

You can send us an email (info@mastercourse.site) or contact us through our Facebook page. Besides, you will be in a Facebook group with all your fellow course mates. There you can ask us any questions. So, you have three options: email, facebook page or group!

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